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  • How do I change my email address?
  • There's no phone number in the ad.
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  • How do I change or delete my ad?
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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Clicking "Back" in my web browser doesn't seem to work properly. Why?
      In early 2007, the VCI Classifieds were "Ajax'ified". This means certain portions of the Classifieds were re-designed with AJAX technology. AJAX allows web pages to function more as an application on your computer instead of an older, traditional web page. If you've noticed how a small portion of some pages change, instead of the whole page, you've noticed the AJAX working. For many users the result is a faster and more pleasant experience. Google and Facebook are commonly known other companies that have embraced AJAX.

    2. When I click on an ad or a category it says "Loading..." and stops. Why?
      Your web browser's security is set too high, preventing Javascript from working properly. The simplest way to fix this is to reset your browser's security settings to default.

    3. How many ads can I place?
      Classic accounts are limited to 8 ads over a 25 day period. Pro accounts can place up to 200 ads over a 25 day period. A complete description of account types is available here. Additional ads are available for 99 cents.

    4. I am unable to login after I enter my correct email address and password. Why?
      1. Ensure you have validated your account. This is done by clicking the link in the email you were sent right after you registered.
      2. Ensure you have cookies enabled. If you are blocking cookies from, you will not be able to login.
      3. Ensure you are using the proper password. Use the Forgotten Password link to have your password sent to your email address. You must enter the email address you registered with.
      4. Your account could be in a suspended status. If you believe your account may be suspended contact the Classifieds Administrator.

    5. How do I place an ad?
      Register and validate your registration. Then login, click "Dashboard" across the top, click "My Ads" and then click "Place New Ad".

    6. Can I edit or delete an ad I already placed?
      Yes! Click "Dashboard" across the top, then click "My Ads". Then click the Edit button to the right of the ad.

    7. How do I reply to someone's ad?
      Replies can be made in two ways - phone or email. Anyone can view the phone number on the ad, if a phone number is included with the ad. To send an email reply you must be logged in and click the Reply button near the top.

    8. How does the VCI Classifieds use Facebook?
      Each ad has a Facebook "Like" button near the top. This button allows Facebook users to recognize the ad as something they approve of... or "Like" in Facebook terms.

    9. What happens when someone "Likes" my ad?
      When someone clicks the "Like" button at the top of your ad a brief note is placed on that person's Facebook page. The note looks like this:

    10. So, why is someone "Liking" my ad important?
      When someone Likes your ad the note shown above is placed on their "wall". That person's friends will see this. Anyone of those friends can click the link to see your ad. By someone Liking your ad, the ad can be viewed by that person's Facebook friends. Your ad gets free publicity.

    11. Do I need a Facebook account?
      No, you do not. However, if you want to "Like" an ad you will need a Facebook account.

    12. What happens if I deleted my ad and someone Liked it?
      When you delete your ad the link on any Facebook user's walls will no longer work. This is expected. This is another reason we recommend you keep the ad for the full 30 days and renew it if necessary. By deleting your ad and placing a new one you break any links to your ad that have been sent to other users.

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