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  • Text Banner Advertising

    Advertising on the VCI Classifieds is effective and inexpensive!

    An additional service offered on the VCI Classifieds is text banner advertising. Text banners are more commonly associated with Google or Yahoo ads. These banners only contain text for faster display and easier customization. A sample banner text ad is shown to the right.

    Our text banner advertising includes the following features:
    • Pricing determined by number of "impressions"
      Example: An "impression" occurs when your text banner is displayed to a Classifieds user.

    • Control the content of your text banner
      Example: Login to your advertising account and change text of your banner

    • Automatically expire the text banner after your campaign ends
      Example: The banner can be configured to discontinue on a specified day

    • Statistics to show how well your text banner is performing
      Example: The statistics included allow you to view see how many times your ad has been displayed

    • Ads can be displayed at random or targeted
      Example: Display your ads to users in specific cities or categories

    • No contracts or minimums
      Example: Create a banner, select and pay for the number of impressions with no further obligations

    Text Banner Pricing
    Banner TypeImpressionsPrice
  • Daily impression count average is nearly 50,000 impressions per day.

  • Targeted300,000$9.99
  • Daily impression count varies by city and category selected.

  • Targeted banners often take more time to consume than random banners. Targeted banners allow you to advertise to your desired customers.

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